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Family Chiropractic of Clark NJ and NYC

At Family Chiropractic of Clark, we provide chiropractic care for children and adults with a variety of services from non-surgical back pain treatment to trigger point therapy. We understand that pain in the back, neck, wrist, hips or spine can hinder one’s quality of life and make it difficult to complete simple everyday tasks. We strive to provide treatment that helps the patient achieve long-lasting results.

We also provide lifestyle advice on how to avoid re-injury and continue thriving in life. Far too often, people try to shoulder the burden of pain on their own and do not seek professional treatment, making life exceedingly difficult. Our treatment can help to deal with symptoms in a natural and healthy way.

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Family Chiropractic of Clark and NY

About Family Chiropractic of Clark NJ and NYC

Our Office

Under the direction of Dr. M, our team provides a variety of chiropractic services for patients struggling with pain in various parts of the body. Since the spine connects the entire body together, patients may experience other symptoms when there is an issue with the spine. Our team conducts the proper examinations to treat the source of the pain and not just the symptoms. We customize the treatment so the patient will not have to continue struggling with the pain on a daily basis. We can help ensure that the patient lives a healthier and higher quality of life following the treatment.

Our Services

Our services include non-surgical back pain, spinal decompression, sciatica pain treatment, scoliosis treatment, whiplash treatment, spinal adjustment, chronic back pain treatment and more. Patients who attempt to wait out the pain with over-the-counter pain killers will find that they cannot even complete simple tasks like walking from the car to work each day. Medication will only numb the pain and mask the symptoms. By seeking our professional treatment, we can help patients return to a healthy lifestyle that is free of pain that was controlling their life. We will take the time to understand the patient’s pain and concerns before we determine the most effective treatment.

Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need the patient to fill out a new patient information form, covering your medical history, current conditions, insurance and any other relevant information. Once we gather this information, we will conduct an initial examination to determine the source of the pain. We will then take the time to develop a treatment that addresses the patient’s chiropractic issues and helps the patient down the path toward a healthier life. We will take the time to answer any and all questions the patient has in regards to the treatment to avoid any confusion. If necessary, we will alter the treatment depending on how the patient’s body responds to it.