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Back Pain Treatment Options: At Home and In Our Office

Do not delay in scheduling a back pain treatment if your back is causing even slight discomfort. It is best to treat back pain immediately because if you do not, it is likely to get significantly worse. Calling our office and scheduling an appointment is an excellent way to experience both short and long-term relief.

Back pain treatment at home

Seeking medical care is important but there are a few things that can be done at home immediately to help reduce back pain. These include:

  • Stretching. Do not stretch to the point that it hurts.
  • Taking ibuprofen. Use in moderation.
  • Using a combination of heat and ice. IcyHot has a new product that is easy to use and applies both heat and cool.
  • Taking a warm bath with Epsom salts. This is relaxing and good for pain relief.

Doing the above can help to reduce discomfort temporarily but it will not solve the root cause of what is leading to back pain in the first place. For this, it is important to visit a medical professional.

Professional back pain treatment

In our office, we provide comprehensive care that helps to resolve what causes our patients' back pain so that they can regain their mobility and quality-of-life, without being distracted by unnecessary discomfort.

Our back pain treatment may include:

1. Chiropractic adjustments

Also known as spinal manipulation, this is touch therapy where we identify which vertebrae are out of alignment and push them back into position. This is done using a series of precise and quick motions so that the actual adjustment is over within a matter of seconds. Bringing the spine into alignment is important because the spine is the body's superhighway with nerves flowing through it. One vertebra out of the correct position can lead to discomfort and also cause health problems in other areas of the body

2. Massage

A professional massage can be incredibly beneficial for reducing back pain. Patients have visited us in incredible amounts of pain, barely able to move and found that after a massage, they begin to feel looser, have less pain and their sense of well-being is increased. After an accident, for example, some accident victims find that they need to schedule a massage twice a week. This can be one of the only ways to experience a level of pain relief after suffering an injury like whiplash. Although chiropractic adjustments help in the long-term, massage may be necessary for treating the immediate muscle tension and pain.

3. Therapy

An important part of any back pain treatment should be physical therapy. This is because of the necessity to learn proper stretching techniques and to learn how to strengthen muscles to prevent a re-injury. Physical therapy generally does not start immediately, but once the patient has begun the chiropractic treatments.

Experience long-term relief

Ultimately, our goal is to help our patients experience long-term relief from back pain. We want to help our patients live their best quality life and our treatment helps to make that possible. To begin your treatment, call our office today.

A Chiropractic Adjustment Aligns the Spine

Scheduling chiropractic adjustment is a good idea anytime that someone is suffering from pain or soreness in the neck, shoulders, head or face. A lot of people call us because they have been researching ways to treat these problems but are unsure of what to do beyond simply taking pain medication.

Unfortunately, there is not enough of an awareness regarding how the spine works, how important it is to be in alignment and how chiropractic can be beneficial. To fill that gap, we are here to provide information online and also to answer questions in person. We encourage anyone who would like to learn more about back health and treatment options to give us a call.

The spine is important

The spine contains a lot of small vertebrae. These vertebrae are supposed to be in a certain position. When they are, the spine is in alignment. However, if one vertebra gets pushed out of position by an accident, poor posture or even bending too quickly, it can lead to spinal problems. This can cause a person to experience back pain and also to suffer other health problems. After all, the spine is the superhighway for the body so if it is out of alignment, other areas of the body can be impacted as well.

Chiropractic adjustment moves the spine back into alignment

Using touch therapy, we complete an adjustment in a gentle and noninvasive manner. We are able to put pressure on the back in very specific ways so that the vertebrae can move back into the correct position. This brings the spine back into alignment and ensures that the nerves can flow through it freely and without disruption. Then, a person's back pain will decrease and their overall health will improve.

The process

For anyone who has never had a chiropractic adjustment before, the idea may seem daunting or overwhelming. We are here to shine a light on the process. It is actually fairly straightforward. The patient will come into our office and be shown into an examination room. Once there, the patient will lie down on the treatment table.

Unlike a traditional doctor where a patient needs to remove their clothing, chiropractic adjustments are completed when a patient is fully clothed. This is important for the comfort of our patients. Then, we touch the back and spine, feeling if any of the vertebrae are out of position. If they are, using our hands, we will make a manual adjustment to the spine. This is done by placing pressure on certain key positions.

The adjustment itself only takes a matter of seconds. Sometimes more than one area of the spine needs to be adjusted but again, it is over very quickly.

After the adjustment

Some patients report feeling slightly sore once the adjustment is over. Drinking a lot of water will help to prevent this. Generally speaking, patients begin to feel better immediately after the appointment because once the adjustment is complete, the spine is back in the correct position. Patients feel particularly better if the spine being out of alignment has lead to something like a pinched nerve. In many cases, the adjustment is so effective that patients find they do not need to take any pain medication.

Paying for it

Most insurance policies do cover chiropractic care, though how much is going to depend on that policy. Also, if a person is injured in a car accident or has suffered a workplace injury, those insurance providers should pick up the tab. To discuss other payment options, give us a call.

Scheduling an appointment

If you want to improve the health of your back and relieve any back, neck or shoulder pain, give us a call. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment and get to work in helping you to improve your health comfort and mobility.

Health Problems Treated by a Spinal Adjustment

Visit a chiropractor office for a spinal adjustment and improve your overall health. Many people do not realize how important the spine is to the overall health of the body. If the spine is out of alignment for any reason, it can inhibit the nerves flowing through the body. By restricting nerves and blood flow, the spine may be out of alignment and lead to a variety of health problems even in far-reaching areas like the sinuses. This is why we recommend that patients visit our clinic as part of preventative maintenance to ensure that they remain as healthy as possible.

Health issues we treat

Since so much of the body is impacted by the spine, it is difficult to list all of the conditions that can be negatively impacted by the spine being out of alignment and then improved once an adjustment has been made. It is best to schedule an appointment with our clinic, discuss any of the health problems that you are struggling with, receive a spinal adjustment and begin to experience better health. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss a specific condition, we invite you to call our office and speak with someone in our clinic.

We treat all ages

Both children and adults can benefit from visiting our clinic and receiving a spinal adjustment. Since this is a noninvasive treatment solution, it is perfectly safe for children and for the elderly. In fact, we recommend this over taking things like pain medication which have side effects and can be highly addictive.

A spinal adjustment is noninvasive

It is important to note that this is a noninvasive therapeutic solution. That means that we do not cut patients open, no device is inserted into patients and no toxic substances are used during the diagnosis or treatment. In fact, this is an all-natural treatment solution that relies on touch therapy and a deep understanding of each vertebrae in the spine, where they should be positioned and how to realign the body. It is a holistic and natural therapy that can be highly beneficial.

Reasons to receive an adjustment

In addition to wanting to experience improved overall health, an adjustment can be beneficial for anyone who is struggling with the following:

  • Headaches
  • Tension in the back, shoulders or neck
  • Loss of mobility
  • Inability to bend or twist without discomfort
  • Muscle weakness, especially in the arms
  • Hip pain
  • Intestinal problems
  • Sinus issues

These are just a few of the physical symptoms that patients have when visiting our clinic. We also treat people who have been in a car or workplace accident. In these situations, it is important to visit our clinic as quickly as possible to ensure that the recovery process can begin without delay. This can help to prevent the development of scar tissue and future health problems. If an accident caused the health concern, it is likely that insurance will pay for it without requiring a deductible or co-pay. This is typically true in the case of a workplace accident where worker’s compensation benefits should kick in or a car accident where the auto insurance policy will typically pay for treatment.

Physical therapy may be necessary

In addition to a spinal adjustment, undergoing physical therapy can also be beneficial when recovering from an accident. In our clinic we often work in tandem with providers to ensure that our patients have the best opportunity for a quick recovery. We view ourselves as collaborators for the betterment of our patients.

Learn more

We are here as a resource to patients, helping them to become as healthy as possible and live a full life. To learn more about a spinal adjustment, the conditions we treat and how we can help you, call our clinic today.

Improve Your Health by Visiting a Headache Chiropractor

Do not live with constant pain caused by headaches when you can visit a headache chiropractor for help. There are options when it comes to treating headaches that extend far beyond taking a regular dose of ibuprofen or Tylenol. We understand that many people choose to manage their pain through medication but this is simply not the best option. Taking medication only serves to mask the symptoms instead of treating the source of them. As a result, headaches will only be minimized temporarily and more medication will need to be taken. This is a toxic cycle that can be lifelong if the source of the problem is not addressed.

Get to the root of the problem

When patients visit our clinic to work with a headache chiropractor, they are working to get to the root of the problem. We will begin to identify what is causing the headaches so that we can treat that. This is a different approach than simply prescribing medication and sending patients on their way. We work with patients over the long-term to ensure that their headaches are treated and do not come back.

Common problems

Very often, tension headaches are caused by something that is happening with the spine. If the spine is out of alignment, the muscles and ligaments could be inflamed and pull on the neck and head. This can lead to severe headaches and discomfort. By moving the spine into alignment, we can help the body to recover so this does not happen.

Sometimes, these tension headaches are the result of a car accident, workplace injury or even sitting at the computer all day long. If it was caused by a trauma, once the body has healed, there may no longer be the need for chiropractic care. However, if these tension headaches are caused by sitting at the computer all day, regular appointments may be necessary for maintenance.

Treatment options

As a headache chiropractor, we use touch therapy to bring the spine back into alignment. This is important for the health of the entire spine and for reducing or eliminating headaches.

We may also recommend a combination of massage and physical therapy. Massage can help to loosen the muscle tension so that the headaches can be reduced right away and so can the pain and tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. Physical therapy is necessary because this is how we strengthen the muscles to make it less likely that the symptoms will flare up again. The stronger that the core muscles are, the less likely there will be a future back injury, for example.

We will discuss all of these treatment options in further detail during a consultation.

Visit a headache chiropractor for relief

Ultimately, anyone who is tired of living with headaches and would like to find a long-term solution should visit our office to speak with a headache chiropractor. We are looking for ways to help patients recover fully so we will take the time to discuss in detail what could have led to headaches and to create a comprehensive plan for eliminating them today and preventing them tomorrow. Call today for help.

Relieve Your Back Pain by Visiting a Prenatal Chiropractor

There are many reasons to visit a prenatal chiropractor, primarily that we can help to make pregnancy far more comfortable by helping to alleviate symptoms associated with back pain.

Back pain during pregnancy

Most expectant mothers will experience some level of back pain, some more than others. There are several reasons for this.

First, the body is changing. Virtually everything in the body is changing from hormone levels and even where each organ in the body is placed. As the uterus continues to grow, things like the stomach, intestines and bladder are moved into other positions. This can be uncomfortable and lead to problems like acid reflux and constipation but can also create back pain.

Also, as the uterus grows and the baby becomes larger and heavier, additional pressure is placed on the back. This regularly leads to low back pain along with pain in the middle of the back. Many women say that as the uterus grows, they feel pain in that portion of the back, specifically. This can lead to pain moving upwards as the uterus continues to grow upwards, as well.

Finding relief

When the back pain becomes severe, many pregnant women find that is absolutely unbearable and need to seek relief. Traditional pain medications are not always a safe or healthy option because many of them can be transferred through the blood to the baby. Fortunately, chiropractic is noninvasive and it does not involve taking medication, therefore it is perfectly safe for baby and mother.

As a prenatal chiropractor, we know how to safely align the spine, ensure that each vertebrae is in the correct position and continue doing so as the baby and the uterus grow. This can often require regular appointments because of how rapidly the baby is growing and the body is changing. Some expectant mothers visit us weekly while others see us once a month but either way, chiropractic can be beneficial.

Sometimes we also recommend massage. This can be used to help loosen the muscles and alleviate tension while the baby is growing. Stretching exercises, when done correctly and safely, can also help to alleviate some of the pressure placed on the back. Since the baby and growing uterus can cause the body to pull forward, the stretches usually involve improving posture and creating a natural arch in the back. We can show expectant mothers how to do so carefully during an appointment with our office.

Visit a prenatal chiropractor today and experience relief

We understand that pregnancy back pain can be severe, come on suddenly and be impossible to live with. It can be so bad that it can make it difficult to sit, stand or even lay down comfortably. Many expectant mothers experience great frustration when trying to convey the intensity of their pain to people that are unable to help provide relief. This is why it is important to visit someone who treats back pain on a daily basis. We do in our office; and we are here to provide important assistance right away. Call today for help and begin to experience relief.

Resolve to Improve Your Health in 2018 by Visiting a Chiropractor

Chiropractic Visit

As 2017 comes to a close, consider how visiting a chiropractor could help you to improve your health next year. This is the time where most people will sit down and make a New Year’s resolution. Resolving to be in better health is one of the top resolutions adults make annually. Unfortunately, this is also one of the hardest resolutions to keep if someone does not put thought into how to achieve it. If the goal is too vague, like simply getting in better health, it is difficult to take action steps to make it come true. Fortunately, visiting our clinic makes this possible and is an easy step to achieve. In other words, instead of resolving to simply be in better health, resolve to begin receiving chiropractic treatments.

How visiting a chiropractor can help

In our chiropractic office, we provide treatments that are designed to help improve the health of the musculoskeletal system. It is important to understand that the nerves for the entire body run through the spine. It is essentially the body’s superhighway of information. If the spine is out of alignment, it is possible for a nerve to become pinched and that information could be slowed, delayed or halted.

Therefore, the health of the spine can influence numerous areas of the body. For example, the spine being out of alignment can lead to intestinal problems and digestive issues. It can even influence the sinuses and make it more likely that someone will suffer from sinus problems. The good news is that aligning the spine can work to address those issues.

Chiropractic care can also help with the following:

  • Headaches
  • Tension in the neck, shoulders and back
  • Lower back pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Mobility problems
  • Discomfort in the hips
  • Tingling in the arms and legs
  • Pain from a pinched nerve or ruptured disc

These are just a few of the conditions that a chiropractor can help to treat.

Accident recovery

Anyone who has been in an accident, either a car accident or workplace accident will also benefit from receiving chiropractic care. This is an excellent way to recover from an accident. It can decrease the likelihood that scar tissue will form and that someone will have long-term health problems resulting from them. We encourage anyone that was in an accident in 2017 and has not yet received chiropractic care to do so as quickly as possible.

It is easy to receive chiropractic treatments

Patients who visit our office are usually in and out in 30 minutes. This makes it incredibly easy to receive chiropractic care and a New Year’s resolution that most people can keep. We treat patients before and after work, on their lunch breaks and any time that is convenient.

Chiropractic care is affordable

Not only is it convenient to receive chiropractic care but it is also affordable. Sometimes, health insurance policies will pay for treatments. In the case of recovering from an auto accident or workplace accident, the auto insurance policy or worker’s compensation policy should pay for treatment. In any case, chiropractic is very affordable, creating one more reason to schedule an appointment today.

Visit our office after resolving to receive chiropractic care in 2018

Visiting a chiropractor is an excellent way to improve your overall health and mobility. We encourage you to make a resolution to begin receiving chiropractic care and then to visit our clinic so that we can provide the treatment necessary to improve your health.